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Our service is a real-time web based GPS tracking solution. You can monitor your fleet vehicles, cars, trucks, motorbikes or people. Team SpotSOS.

Fantastic, really amazing. Our clients are thrilled when we give them our tool, because it's simple and it simply works. An amazing platform. Team SpotSOS.

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Get an overview of vehicles and equipment

Get a great overview of everything - track your equipment and vehicles with your smartphones and tablets. Directly from your phone or desktop you will see detailed information about positions, vehicle speed and driven routes. The movement of the units is shown in detail and as often as you wish.

Easy access and overview100%
The very latest technology100%

Full overview over vehicles

You can monitor important details.

In addition to current and earlier positions, the overview card also provides detailed driven routes and all the stops that occur for each device or device group. You decide how often the tracker should send a signal by motion, for example, be every 5 minutes or according to the desired number of meters. The system is fully scalable and any data that enters it can be exported and used in any way you require.


The tracker can be system-updated without physical access.


Alarm in case of unauthorized use and vehicle and material recovery.

Zone Alarm or Geofence

Get notified through your geofence if something moves unauthorized.

When geofence is set up, you will receive alerts by SMS or mail if vehicles or equipment exceeds your electronic "fencing" without permission. You can always set up and adjust the electronic fences or zones from your phone, tablet or computer.

200 K

Active Users

400 K

Presented positions

Perfect for both Private Persons & Companies

With over 5000+ happy customers, SpotSOS is a complete platform for tracking vehicles and persons. A powerful site. Certified trackers (CR & RoHS)

Style it to your liking

Extract detailed reports for devices with the data that are relevant to you - such as idle times, mileage and number of stops. You decide what to view and monitor.

Your own identity

The system is secure. Only you or the persons you have given permission to can view and operate the system. Your information is stored in a safe encrypted system.

Full responsive system

You can view your trackers in all types of phones, tablets or computers. The information, maps and reports from SpotSOS are fully responsive.

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