A Little About Us

The SpotSOS Platform utilizes GPS (Global Positioning System) to effectively monitor the comp movement of your mobile assets, vehicles, personnel or transported cargo or freight. The entire framework is made from automatically processed tracking data. The system can track, and give an account of shipments anyplace. It allows you to monitor movements, speed, stops, and also temperature, humidity, light, pneumatic force and G-force/impacts.


Our products are easy to customize for your company, whether you are a municipality, a transport company, a service company or individual.

Exciting market

SpotSOS was early on a market that has exploded in recent years and is expected to grow a lot more. With our unique platform and software, we have established ourselves as one of the leading players in the industry in the world.

Customer in focus

We prioritize every customer and the quality of the solutions highly. Customer needs are always in focus - and it has been the same since it all started. We do our best to meet your needs and together find the best solution..

Designed for users

Support and close customer dialogue are an important part of SpotSOS. This means, among other things, that several products have been developed in close cooperation with our customers. Therefore, we offer user-friendly solutions, closely wrapped up in a customer focus and cooperation beyond the usual.

We started in Stockholm in Sweden. Two guys a few years ago with the idea to develop the tracking software and platforms.

SpotSOS, as we think ourselves, and our platform is one of the most powerful and customizable GPS tracking platform on the market.

The SpotSOS platform is at present upheld by our merchants in five landmasses, the Americas, Asia (counting the Middle East), Africa, Australia/Oceania. Wherever your activities perhaps found, we have you secured.

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