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Permissions and system user roles

The individual system users can have different access to functions and roles of the system. A driver can only see details of his own vehicle. The driver can select between different trip types (for example private or business), refueling information and other associated costs of travelling. Managers can generally see and edit most everything in the system. Additionally they can add and remove vehicles or associate employees as a driver of a certain vehicle at any time.


Framework updates, undertakings and cautions advise clients about different sorts of occasions happening amid the vehicle(s) day by day activity. These occasions are put away in the information distribution center, sent by means of SMS, email and with a discernable flag alarming the Central Monitoring Station administrators. Records of created occasions can likewise be utilized as a wellspring of information for various sorts of reports.


Reports and information sends out are unquestionably a standout amongst the most essential elements of each versatile resource/armada administration application. For instance, you can essentially: • store your most every now and again utilized reports as a "top pick" for rehashed speedy utilize • store your work in advance on report formats in information stockpiling for later finish, etc. The report information can be unreservedly traded to different fare designs: tables, charts, PDF, MS Excel organize, CSV, TXT and so on.


The logbook obviously shows all the imperative data of the vehicles trips and position history. You can without much of a stretch switch between day by day, week after week and month to month sees. In view of the chose see the synopsis insights of the number of outings, mileage, sit without moving time, and entered costs are shown fittingly. Vital activities, for example, entering data about fuel, travel costs, the sort and reason for movement, are on the whole open with a single click. Isolate hues recognize the diverse sorts of outings both in the logbook and in the speed diagram. At first look, you can see at the point when and how rapidly the vehicle was moving or if vehicles surpassed preset speed limits.


We please our customers with the assistance of an effortlessly attachable extension module data about temperature, pneumatic stress, humidity, lighting, sudden effects, vibration and 3D spacial introduction can be gathered and transmitted live to the application. Indeed, even the most requesting client will be agreeably astounded by the nature of the live video feed transmitted from a camera mounted on the vehicle. This video is likewise accessible to advanced mobile phone clients through our exclusive application for Android or iOS.


Human Support.

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  • Did You Know?

    We have created a native app easy to use, which works on iOS and Android.

    Information correspondence between the customer and the focal servers is obviously scrambled, and just negligible measures of information are being transmitted. This enables versatile applications to work even through essential GPRS information association. You are in control wherever you are.

  • Detection when crossing borders

    Border crossings

    The framework at that point consequently pinpoints the place and time when the vehicle crosses a regional or national border, which can be of importance for gas tax payments, costs for insurances etc.

  • Environmental values

    It is getting more and more important to reflect upon the environment issues.

    Each deliberate variable can have limit caution levels relegated through the application interface. On the off chance that any of these levels surpass the preset resistance this is thought to be an alarm condition and a framework caution is created. SpotSOS has certified trackers (CR & RoHS).

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