Fleet Tracking
Keep track of your assets.

What GPS tracking can do for your fleet?

SpotSOS vehicle tracking gives the fleet owners and managers a real possibility to effectively monitor their mobile assets, every day and night around the year, 24/7/365, from anywhere. The SpotSOS system saves time and money. Your business will grow.

We Help You Focus On Your Business

Increases Safety and Driver Responsibility – The SpotSOS systems secures a complete record of vehicle activities, idle time and speed. Whether live or historic, you will learn your drivers exact driving patterns and habits. By tracking the speed of your vehicles, the possibilities of an accident will reduce and fuel efficiency increase.

Prevent Private Jobs and Use

The system will immediately alert you when vehicles are used after working hours and on weekends or holidays unauthorized.

Validates Service Calls

By over-viewing the history of a vehicle you can quickly determine when it arrived and how long it was at a particular service call. You get all in a clear record which eliminates assumptions and misstakes.

Accurate Billing

The SpotSOS GPS tracking system creates a digital log of speed, route and time used by your fleet. With this log your fuel costs, but also time, can be accurately calculated. The log separates personal and business expenses.

How It Works

Just sign in and connect the tracker to the SpotSOS system. It is easy to set up and operate.

  • Connect to SpotSOS

    All you have to do is to sign up!

    Once you have signed up you are ready to go

    By signing up you are registering for a personal account. You may share this account with other persons.

  • Back-end

    We have built an efficient back-end for you.

    Set your own preferences

    In the back-end you choose your own set up and preferences in order to keep track of your assets.

  • Alerts

    You will get alerts of important events.

    Alerts will get to your attention

    If you vehicle or asset will move in an unauthorized way, you will immediately get an alert sent to your phone or an email.

  • The system never rests

    The SpotSOS GPS System is working 24/7/365 for you.

    Monitor Efficiently

    You can now focus on your core business and leave the monitoring to the SpotSOS system. Call your driver if you find that support or help is needed. At night you can sleep without worrying. Theft is made difficult. Insurance premiums get lower.

  • Feedback

    Daily, weekly, monthly or how often you need it.

    In-Depth Performance Reports

    Get your history reports at any time and in a format that suits you.

Customer Stories

See why the SpotSOS platform and software helped these service companies focus on their core business.

How To Order Trackers

Contact us for a non-binding offer on trackers to suit your business needs. Or, simply order your trackers here. (Minimum purchase: 1 tracker).

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